Success in our mission to educate students who learn differently by teaching to their strengths and unique needs has empowered Prentice graduates to become successful, well-rounded individuals. Through the lessons they learn and the tools they acquire at Prentice, our alumni are leading happy, meaningful lives, and having a positive impact on their communities.

Alex Grody
Graduate Class of 2013

When he first visited Prentice, Alex wondered if he would fit in. Would he make friends? The answer came as quickly as the first smile from his welcoming classmates and his dedicated teacher. Prentice was going to be a place where he would grow academically and feel happy, both socially and emotionally.

Tera Gaines
Graduate Class of 2011

Tera was apprehensive about going to a new school.  She worried about how she would fit in. The answer took exactly one day. When she got home the first day she proudly told her parents, “I love my new school, everyone is just like me,” and never wanted to go back to her old school again.

Logan Dooley
Class of 2001 and U.S. Olympian

Although he was a bright and articulate, in 2nd grade Logan Dooley was identified as a “special needs” student. Through the benefits of a curriculum that taught to his different way of learning, he blossomed at Prentice, became devoted to his new school, new teachers, and new friends. And developed the skills and confidence to become an Olympic athlete!

Dr. Josh Wilson
Graduate Class of 1989

After leaving Prentice in 1989, Josh went on to graduate from Foothill High School, then to an undergraduate career at UC Berkeley. After acquiring high honors and two Bachelor’s Degrees, he returned to Berkeley for his Ph.D. in Jurisprudence and Social Policy at UC Berkeley.

After six years as an Assistant Professor at John Jay College, City University of New York and a move to the University of Denver, Josh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and a published author. With his wife and children, he’s a thriving member of his Colorado community.



Elise St. Clair
Graduate Class of 1999

After graduating from Prentice, Elise attended Foothill High School, where she was on the Honor Roll for four consecutive years and also played CIF-level water polo.

After attending Orange Coast College, making the Honor Roll and President’s List for five semesters, she transferred to the University of Hawaii, where she completed her B.A. in Studio Art and a minor in Music.

She is currently working at CAKE, a SaaS marketing tracking platform where she serves as Art Director and UI Designer of software, supporting the marketing team, creating designs for the software and working closely with the product development teams.

Blair Conklin
Graduate Class of 2008

When Blair arrived at Prentice mid-way through his 1st grade year, he told his mother, “I get it mom,” he said. “Everyone is a lot like me!” He stayed at Prentice through 8th grade, and then went on to attend his local high school in Laguna Beach.

Today, a professional skim boarder, lifeguard and waterman, Blair continually balances his academic life with his world tour travels, researching copepods, which play a fundamental role in maintaining the health of marine and freshwater ecosystems around the globe.

Blair and his family attribute his success to a Prentice education, which gave him the tools for his academic success and the confidence to push boundaries.