Core Instructional Program

The Prentice School is an academic-based program committed to the education of students with learning differences. Our curriculum and instruction is aligned with State Standards. The Prentice School is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and is certified by the California Department of Education as a NonPublic School (NPS).

Teachers at The Prentice School are fully credentialed in the subject areas they teach. Additionally, they have advanced training in Orton Gillingham. We believe in teaching to each student’s strengths through research-based methods and multi-sensory instructional strategies.  Our program is designed to deliver academic content in a manner that is intensive, explicit, systematic, cumulative, and structured.  We’re committed to small group instruction. Academics are tailored to meet each student’s needs, whether they are at, below, or above grade level.  A dynamic and small classroom environment engages students and encourages them to explore learning in a way that is conducive to the individual student’s learning style.

Our evidence-based instructional approaches and support services are effective in supporting students who struggle in the traditional classroom because their reading, writing, spelling, math and organizational skills don’t match their cognitive potential.  Because our faculty and stuff understand our learners, they teach in the way that maximizes our students’ strengths.

We are committed to small group instruction. The Prentice School’s student: faculty ratio is 10:1. To more fully address our students’ learning needs, students are placed into smaller learning groups for certain subject matter based on their abilities and skill levels. By utilizing this leveling system, we can meet our students at their present level of performance to remediate foundational skills, build confidence and ultimately find success. These small groups also allow for increased engagement and more targeted intervention and instruction.

Our Elementary and Junior High Curriculum include Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, Educational Technology and Physical Education.



The Prentice School is committed to supporting our students in the classroom and beyond.  We have a robust support services program that includes speech and language, occupational therapy, a school psychologist, progress monitoring, transition counseling, educational technology, after-school tutoring, before and after school extended care, parent educational workshops, and summer school and summer camp programs.  Throughout the year, Prentice students participate in enrichment opportunities that strengthen learning and complement in-class instruction. We understand the importance of arts education for our students.  Our music and art collaborations with community professionals allow for creative expression.

Off-site field trips and overnight camps help students make connections between what they are doing in the classroom and everyday life.  Throughout the school year, students have the opportunity to participate in various after-school clubs.  Students can choose from clubs like Lego Engineering, Musical Recorders, Musical Theater, Robotics and Circuitry, Soccer and more.