Welcome to The Prentice School

Over the last 30 years, The Prentice School has held true to its mission of empowering bright children with learning differences to fulfill their potential as students and citizens. Our highly qualified and compassionate faculty uses research-proven teaching strategies geared toward each student’s unique talents, strengths and needs. Students of The Prentice School cultivate academic and social success through our specialized intervention curriculum in a safe and nurturing learning environment.

At Prentice, we employ an adaptive approach coupled with our many years of experience to confidently embrace the challenges and opportunities precipitated by change in the field of education. We believe in engaging a wide network of experts, professionals, and long-standing partners to ensure our program stays relevant, efficient and effective. We honor the investment of precious time, resources, and hope our families entrust in us by delivering on our pledge to lovingly educate and challenge our students. Our vocation is to develop effective citizens who are critical thinkers, creators, innovators, effective communicators and collaborators, technologically-proficient, self-directed learners.

Prentice is led by a highly committed Board of Directors and administrative team focused on demonstrating a model of excellence in educating children with learning differences. As a private nonprofit school, Prentice thrives on the generous support of our Board members, Prentice families, individual and corporate donors, and professional alliances. We are a close-knit community united by a shared belief that our students are bright, competent learners with tremendous potential. As Prentice faculty and staff, we are consistently touched and motivated by the academic and social progress our students exhibit on a daily basis.

Again, welcome to Prentice!


Devon Green, Head of School