The Prentice Advantage


A proven, evidenced-based approach that teaches to each student’s unique learning style has defined The Prentice School as an innovator since 1986. Not only do we consistently break new ground with academic methods that maximize both classroom learning and life skills for our students, our educational methods continue to evolve as the nature of the issues facing our current and prospective students change.


The social skills our students acquire, in combination with the positive emotional learning environment we create, fulfill the potential of bright students who achieve successful academics and go on to have meaningful lives.




Anxiety and frustration sometimes go along with learning differences. In some cases, years of unmet academic support results in a loss of self-confidence and strained friendships. The experience of a compassionate, nurturing environment is often the very element of a learning atmosphere that will enable success.


For over 30 years, The Prentice School has been known for attracting highly qualified educators and staff members who create a culture of caring for each student that has become the hallmark of the Prentice Experience.


Enrichment – Unleashing Creativity


Educating the whole child — mind, body and spirit — is the focus at The Prentice School. While many schools are cutting arts programs, Prentice is committed to keeping Art, Music, Technology & Media, and social learning embedded within our school program.


Enrichment programs are especially important for our students because they engage different parts of the brain. It’s an important foundation because it engages the whole brain and allows for kinesthetic and experiential learning.


Moreover, enrichment programs allow our students to have movement breaks, practice transitioning and experience the arts firsthand. The overall benefit of our enrichment programs is in creating a holistic sense of confidence and accomplishment.




Prentice provides an unparalleled advantage in our full complement of support services that are all on campus. This allows students to remain at the school for all the services they need and maintains a cohesive community environment that enables invaluable cross-communication among our professional staff.


In addition to our highly qualified educators, we offer school-wide and class-wide occupational therapy, a full-time school counselor, a school psychologist, and comprehensive staff support resources that bring great intentionality to everything that happens in our setting. Speech and Language, Educational Assistive Technology, Tutoring, Testing and Assessments, Before and Afterschool care, Afterschool Clubs, and our print, video and online Library resources provide every student with incalculable educational, personal and emotional advantages.


From academics to pullout sessions that cultivate the ability to generalize and transfer, the exceptional nature of Prentice support provides invaluable advantages for each student.


A Holistic Family Approach


Every Prentice student has a whole community behind him or her. Faculty, staff, parents, donors, professionals — there are so many stakeholders involved in each student’s education. Each member of our Prentice community plays a central role, and we’re all there to help. We’re committed to providing a cohesive environment. We’re all aligned so we can enhance our communication and maximize the benefits of each lesson across the student’s total Prentice experience. And we’re all cheerleaders.


As a united team we encourage open communication and parent involvement in their student’s education. Our parent workshops share information about leading practices that will help each student, and help us all stay in touch and keep current with our students’ progress.


We’re very involved, committed, and focused on supporting each student in this holistic environment because the synergy it generates is responsible for greater outcomes. Thanks to our holistic approach that creates support and encouragement both at school and at home, our students feel confident enough to join in events they might not have tried before coming to Prentice. Seeing them participate in an art show or performing in a concert in front of family and friends, and having a wonderful time doing it, is one of the greatest metrics we have for success.