The Prentice Approach
The Prentice Approach Unique, Proven, Evidence-Based

Our 30 years of experience in implementing unique, evidence-based, proactive methodologies have created The Prentice Approach. We are constantly innovating and adapting in order to best meet the changing needs of our students. We’re always asking, “What’s the latest research? How does this enhance and better each student’s experience?”

As a learning community, deeply grounded in research and development, we continually engage in dialogue with thought leaders at Chapman University, University of California, Irvine, and Azusa Pacific University in order to incorporate the latest, most effective and relevant methodologies. We strive to create a balance between methods with a long and successful track record and new ones on the cutting-edge that demonstrate exciting and measurable results.

The Prentice Approach:
– Student-Centered
– Evidence-Based
– Strengths Focused
– Nurturing Environment
– Aligned with State Curriculum
– 10:1 Small Class Sizes
– Targeted Intervention
– Technology
– Enhanced Curriculum Interventions
– Enrichment Programs
– Experiential Student Engagement
– Multisensory Direct Literacy Intervention
– Speech and Language Services
– Social Learning
– Occupational Therapy
– School Psychologist

The Prentice Approach emphasizes:
– A small staff: to student ratio
– Highly adaptable
– Driven by research

Although best practices in education may have changed over the past 30 years, our commitment to delivering them has not. As a thought leader in the field of education, Prentice has always employed research-proven techniques, while remaining open and adaptable to the most current practices.

Structured Literacy Approach

The Prentice School uses the Orton-Gillingam structured literacy approach. It is a structured, sequential, simultaneous, and multisensory teaching approach. Building on the phonemic and decoding skills, teachers carefully structure reading time to focus on reading fluency, accuracy, proper expression and phrasing, and comprehension.

Various strategies are used to elicit improved recall, vocabulary expansion, and to teach students how to make predictions, inferences, and generalizations.

Through the use of the Orton Gillingham approach, students learn to put their newly acquired skills to functional use. Prentice students become competent readers, writers, and independent learners.