The Prentice Experience

Enrolling a child at The Prentice School has a positive impact on so much more than his or her academics. The school affects the entire life of the family and the quality of time everyone spends together. The skills learned at Prentice can help re-establish family equilibrium and improve family relationships.

These are just a few of the responses we’ve received from parents who participated in our survey. Feel free to take it yourself and see if your child, and your whole family, wouldn’t benefit from the Prentice experience.



Before School

What was your child like before a day at his/her original school?
“My child would cry in the mornings and would often times have stomach aches because of the anxiety of school. It was a struggle to get him to school.”

What is he/she like now before going to school?
“Now that my child is at Prentice, he’s actually excited about going to school, seeing his friends and having a good day in his studies.

In Class

Has your child been afraid to raise his/her hand in class?
“After being at Prentice, my child isn’t afraid to ask questions anymore.”

In Extra-Curricular Activities

Does your child participate in extra-curricular activities?
“Now my daughter has time to participate in after-school activities because she isn’t spending hours on homework.”

With Their Siblings

How has a learning difference affected your children’s relationship with each other?
“My second grader was reading at a higher level than my fourth grader. At home this was difficult because my fourth grader refused to sit with my second grader during homework time, which made it harder for me to be there to help them. Now that my fourth-grader is at Prentice and is finding academic success, he’s able to get through homework so well, he and his sister do homework together.”

With Their Parents

How has a learning difference affected your child’s relationship with you?
“My child used to refuse to practice reading at home. Since coming to Prentice, he’s more confident in his reading and is willing to take more risks. He no longer has a fear of reading and even volunteers to read things for us.”

Is your child able to tell you what he or she learned in school?
“Now my son can tell me what he did in Math or History class, rather than the one-word answers I used to get when I asked what he did at school.”

Out in the World

Have you noticed a change in your child’s relationship to other people?
“My child is more enjoyable to be around now that she’s at Prentice. It’s like a weight has been lifted off her.”