Prentice Parent Alliance (PPA)

“When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.” – A New Wave of Evidence, The Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (2002).

The Prentice School believes parent engagement is critical to providing students with an enjoyable and stimulating learning community where people know and care about them. Experience has taught us that the most successful models at attracting and sustaining parent engagement are the ones that are student focused, responsive to the parents’ passions, respectful of parents’ time constraints, low maintenance, and efficient with low administrative overhead (less meetings, more doing).

Through our event committee model, both parents and a member of our administrative staff join together to organize successful events throughout the school year. Event committees meet on an as-needed basis and work together in the execution of our many fun school events, such as our Welcome Back Family Picnic, Fit-A-Thon field fundraiser, Staff Appreciation Week, Winter and Spring Concerts, Spirit Carnival, and our bi-annual Gala fundraiser. In addition, many of our parents assist in the library, serve hot lunches to students, or simply volunteer with any other needed facilities projects.

Our parent volunteers are the “oil” that helps Prentice run smoothly. By joining or leading any of the event committees or activities, our parents are able to complete their required volunteer hours, while at the same time enjoy the rewards of being an active member of The Prentice Community.