Prentice Pride Partners
Giving Level Amount Donor Tree Leaf
Pride Ambassadors $25,000+ Golden Apple
Pride Champions $10,000-$24,999 Platinum Leaf
Pride Guardians $5,000-$9,999 Gold Leaf
Pride Sentinels $2,500-$4,999 Silver Leaf
Pride Advocates $1,000-$2,499 Bronze Leaf
Pride Friends $100-$999

Our Prentice Pride Partner program offers many ways to communicate your pride. Giving levels are determined based on donor’s total annual giving. Success is not something Prentice can achieve on its own and it is the giving at every level, whether at the Pride Ambassador level or the Pride Advocate level, that truly makes a difference.

In addition to receiving recognition by the addition of an engraved leaf placed on the M. Douglas Donor Tree, Prentice Pride Partners receive benefits such as invitations to special events and social gatherings hosted by the school our Board of Directors.

Just like an eagle serves as the symbol of our national pride, Prentice Pride Partners are ambassadors for the entire Prentice family.