Welcome to The Prentice School.  Here at Prentice we have been able to create a unique educational experience by utilizing the Orton-Gillingham adapted Slingerland® teaching approach as our core instructional methodology for reading instruction. We are also using two new state of the art online and hybrid systems, Go-Math and i-Ready, to guide curriculum and intervention. All of these approaches allow for the highest level of instructional intervention by moving beyond concentrating on an individual level in one class or pull-out session. At Prentice, strategies are also applied in small groups, whole class, and school-wide learning. This helps students generalize their skills across classrooms, attain social skills and because it is not limited to a specific curriculum, these techniques can serve an individual for a lifetime.

Our teachers and faculty are uniquely qualified to help students succeed. We believe that our students deserve to have highly qualified teachers with advanced training in the classroom. All Prentice teachers and teaching assistants are fully credentialed in the subject area that they teach. Beyond their teaching credential the school invests in the faculty by ensuring that they receive additional training in the Slingerland methodology, i-Ready and Go-Math as well as other research validated instructional approaches. Our teachers meet frequently in small professional learning communities to co-plan, evaluate, and monitor the progress of each of our students. Our enrichment and support specialists offer music, art, physical education, computers, science, history, social skills, school psychologist services, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy and assistive technology support, all working in conjunction to enrich and encourage the learning styles of each of our students. We are proud that the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has awarded Prentice its highest level of accreditation and that the California Department of Education has granted our school certification as a Nonpublic School (NPS).


Devon Green