Who We Teach

The Prentice School is home to students who are bright, kind and ready to learn, despite learning differences that include dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, or a combination of these. Some students have been identified as having a specific learning difference while others have deficits in their auditory or visual processing, weaknesses in working memory and/or processing speed, or executive functioning challenges that impact their ability to organize, plan, or initiate tasks.

But beyond labels, our focus is on the whole child. Prentice moves past the labels in order to understand each child’s unique underlying story.

The Prentice School is not appropriate for students with primary emotional, behavioral or significant developmental issues. In fact, Prentice students possess average to above average cognitive ability, and are kind, capable, creative and eager to learn. However, Prentice students all struggle with learning in the traditional classroom setting and require a more targeted and personalized academic experience.

Consequently, our evidence-based curriculum and instructional methodologies have been proven to be effective in supporting students whose academic performance does not match their cognitive potential. Prentice students typically experience difficulty with decoding words, reading fluently and accurately, comprehending what they have read, and organizing their thoughts. For some, a simple writing assignment can be an arduous task.

Completing and turning in classroom and homework assignments is a challenge, as is staying organized. For some Prentice students, the inability to stay focused in class significantly inhibits their school performance. In many of our Prentice students, their struggles in the traditional classroom setting have resulted in anxiety and low self-esteem.

At Prentice, we recognize our students’ strengths and use their unique abilities to transform them into life-long learners. We teach in ways that make learning rewarding, accessible, and just as important, fun!