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RISE at Prentice Program

The Responsive Individualized Structured Education Program, or RISE at Prentice is a self-contained program located on Prentice’s campus where students receive small group, individualized instruction by two full-time teachers and one full-time Instructional Assistant.  

RISE is designed to meet the needs of students diagnosed with low- to below-average cognition who benefit from a curriculum that embeds functional academic skills, life skills and social skills. 

Students in this program require more intensive academic and social interventions due to more complex cognitive, language, processing, and social communication deficits.  

While this is not a program for students who require individual educational aides, the teaching and instructional staff implement positive reinforcement strategies, scaffolding, and leveled groups to meet the needs of the students.  Additionally, Prentice’s Speech and Language Pathologist and Speech and Language Pathology Assistant push into the classroom during the week to support social learning and academic instruction. 

The RISE at Prentice Program

Rise at Prentice - Academic Program
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Academic Program

Students in RISE receive a comprehensive academic program designed specifically for their targeted needs.

RISE at Prentice - Social
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Social Skills

Students benefits from additional social support from our specialized RISE faculty, MFT, and Speech Pathology team.

RISE at Prentice Life Skills
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Life Skills

RISE offers an enhance life skill curriculum including practical life skills, cooking, art, music, physical education and finance/money sense.

Prentice will help your child RISE above the rest!

The Prentice School RISE program
“We are in RISE and we're so impressed with the support staff. The staff are absolutely incredible! They are always prepared and empathetic with our son.”
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