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In memory of Nannette Schwartz, a former Prentice parent and special education teacher for more than 17 years, we have created The Schwartz Family Educator Fund thanks to the generosity of the Schwartz Family.


At Prentice, we are very fortunate to have amazing teachers who are highly trained to guide and educate our at-risk population.


Because The Prentice School is a private, non-profit school, we receive no funding from the state for our students. As we try to keep tuition at a reasonable rate for parents, our need for charitable contributions from the community is significant, and support in this area will allow us to raise funds in support of our teachers above and beyond our budgetary limits.

Nannette was very passionate about supporting our teachers and instructional assistants and as a result of her time as an educator, she recognized that few jobs are more important than those involved with educating our children. While her son attended Prentice, she often could be found in the classroom serving teachers and their students.

The Schwartz Family, through the establishment of this fund, would like to encourage others in the community to invest in our teachers by providing Prentice with the ability to award them with incentive or signing bonuses. 


The Prentice school is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) oganization.  Tax ID 33-0120257