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The Prentice School Admissions

Our Admissions Steps

Submit your admissions inquiry

All prospective families must submit an online admissions inquiry through our system.  Click the Submit Inquiry button to get started!


Inquiry Response

Our Admissions Coordinator will call to discuss student's academic needs, answer questions, and review the admissions process.


Document Collection

Families will be required to submit supporting documents including current IEP Multidisciplinary Assessment, IEP Information / Eligibility Report, Private Psychoeducational Assessment and any other documents which would assist in determining if Prentice would be an appropriate placement are to be emailed to the Admissions Coordinator.  Our Head of School will review documents for eligibility


Meeting with Head of School

Upon a full review and approval of your student's documents, a parent conference and private tour will be scheduled with our Head of School to discuss your student and to answer questions about The Prentice School.



Student Visit & Enrollment Application

Students will be invited to visit The Prentice School for 3 to 5 days as a final step for admissions evaluation.  Family will be required to submit an Application for Enrollment including a $100 application fee prior to the student visitation.


Enrollment Decision

The student's teaching team will meet with the enrollment committee to discuss the student visitation.  The team takes academic needs, student's positive attitude, individual characteristics and group participation into account when making final enrollment decision.

Families will be notified in writing of the enrollment committee's decision.

Accepted students must complete FACTS Enrollment prior to starting school.


The Prentice School Admissions

Important Admissions Information

Prentice at a Glance

Grade Levels: Grades 1 - 8

Total Maximum Students: 148

Maximum Classroom Size: 12 to 1

Student Demographic:  Students must have a primary diagnosis with a language or auditory disorder, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADD/ADHD, social anxiety, auditory processing or other language-based learning difficulty that requires alternative teaching methods and environments. 

The Prentice School is not appropriate for students on the autism spectrum or with primary social, emotional, or behavioral issues.


Tuition Rates

Tuitions for the 2024-25 school year is based on student's grade level.

Elementary Program (Grades 1 - 6): $35,250

Junior High Program (Grades 7 - 8): $36,500

In addition to the tuition fee, an annual $500 non-refundable registration and materials fee is required for enrollment and re-enrollment.

The Prentice School offers needs-based financial aid on a first-come, first-served basis.

Affording Prentice

We realize that sending your student to Prentice is a big decision.  We view the lifelong benefits of our program as priceless.  To ensure that all families have the ability to send qualified students to us, The Prentice School's Board of Directors is committed to providing a needs-based tuition assistance program which enables students who might not otherwise be able to attend our school to receive the benefits of a Prentice education.  Tuition assistance funds are distributed based on application date and need.

The Prentice School also offers convenient tuition payment plans including monthly payment plans for all students.  

For more information about tuition assistance, education loans and convenient payment plans, please contact our business office at (714) 244-4641.


New Student Waitlist

The Prentice School curriculum is built for small groups.  To ensure success for all of our students, our courses have a maximum student amount and are closed when filled.  You may place your student on a Waitlist for Closed grade levels. 

To place your student on the Waitlist, you must complete the Intake process and Review of Documentation with our Admissions Team.

Submit your inquiry today! 

Non Public School Placement at Prentice

Students can be placed at The Prentice School through Non Public School Placement or Settlement Agreement (Local Educational Agency and Parents/Legal Guardians).

If you are considering placing your student at The Prentice School as an NPS Student, please click the Inquire Now button and submit a standard inquiry.

More Questions?

Click below to view our Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Prentice School Admissions

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Frequent Questions about Admissions

Does Prentice enroll students with ADD or ADHD?

Many students with learning disabilities also have co-occurring ADD or ADHD.  The Prentice School enrolls students with additional ADD or ADHD diagnosis.  However, our program is not designed for students with emotional disorders or social or behavioral challenges.

Does Prentice enroll students with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

The Prentice School does not enroll students with a primary diagnosis of ASD.  Our program is built for students with language-based learning disorders only and is not designed for students with social or behavioral challenges. 

When can I enroll my child at Prentice?

The Prentice School is a private school with a comprehensive admissions process.  Our goal is always to ensure that our program is a good fit for your child.  A potential student is offered enrollment at Prentice by our Admissions and Enrollment team throughout the school year as long as there is space in the classroom.   

How do I start the admissions process?

You must submit a digital inquiry from our website.  Click the Inquire button or follow this link.

You will be contacted by our Admissions Coordinator to complete your initial qualification interview prior to completing any further steps.

How many years do the students typically attend Prentice?

Every student’s journey is unique. Some students stay at Prentice for their entire elementary education, while others stay with us for a few years before moving to a mainstream school setting. Starting in grade 7, we offer high school transition support and guidance to all junior high students.

Where do the students go to high school after 8th grade?

Students from Prentice attend private, public and charter schools for high school.  It’s important to look at all available options in choosing what program will best fit the needs of the student.

What is the Tuition Rate for the 2024-25 school year?

Tuition Rates

Tuitions for the 2024-25 school year is based on student's grade level.

Elementary Program (Grades 1 - 6): $35,250

Junior High Program (Grades 7 - 8): $36,500

In addition to the tuition fee, an annual $500 non-refundable registration and materials fee is required for enrollment and re-enrollment.

Do you offer Financial Aid or Scholarships to students?

Yes.  The Prentice School offers needs-based tuition assistance to qualified families.

Approximately 25% of our families receive tuition assistance.  Students must complete the admissions process and be offered enrollment before they can submit an application (including current tax returns, W-2s and income supporting documents) through FACTS Grant & Aid.

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“Thanks to Prentice, I have been able to look at my dyslexia as a difference allowing me to give a unique perspective to the world.”
Jase Broderick
Jase Broderick

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