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Mind Masters

Working memory is one of the brain’s executive functions.  It plays a role in how we process, use, and remember information.  Working memory also plays a primary role in learning to read. 

Many students with learning disabilities have a deficit in their working memory. The Prentice School has developed a partnership with the Institute for Child Development & Family Relations at Cal State San Bernardino to establish our campus as a site for their renowned working memory research project.  At Prentice, we’re referring to this research as our “Mind Masters” program.

This program is optional to all families, but highly recommended.

The Mind Masters program


How Does It Work?

Students that opt-in to the program are given an initial baseline working memory test.  Students use iPad's to play daily memory games for 20 minutes per day.  Games adapt to the student responses.


Data & Reporting

Data is uploaded, in aggregate, to CSUSB's research team. For every 6 hours of logged activity, students’ are re-tested by the team to document progress.