Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers and General Information

Admissions & Enrollment

Does Prentice enroll students with ADD or ADHD?

Many students with learning disabilities also have co-occurring ADD or ADHD.  The Prentice School enrolls students with additional ADD or ADHD diagnosis.  However, our program is not designed for students with emotional disorders or social or behavioral challenges.

Does Prentice enroll students with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

The Prentice School does not enroll students with a primary diagnosis of ASD.  Our program is built for students with language-based learning disorders only and is not designed for students with social or behavioral challenges. 

When can I enroll my child at Prentice?

The Prentice School is a private school with a comprehensive admissions process.  Our goal is always to ensure that our program is a good fit for your child.  A potential student is offered enrollment at Prentice by our Admissions and Enrollment team throughout the school year as long as there is space in the classroom.   

How do I start the admissions process?

You must submit a digital inquiry from our website.  Click the Inquire button or follow this link.

You will be contacted by our Admissions Coordinator to complete your initial qualification interview prior to completing any further steps.

How many years do the students typically attend Prentice?

Every student’s journey is unique. Some students stay at Prentice for their entire elementary education, while others stay with us for a few years before moving to a mainstream school setting. Starting in grade 7, we offer high school transition support and guidance to all junior high students.

Where do the students go to high school after 8th grade?

Students from Prentice attend private, public and charter schools for high school.  It’s important to look at all available options in choosing what program will best fit the needs of the student.

What is the Tuition Rate for the 2024-25 school year?

Tuition Rates

Tuitions for the 2024-25 school year is based on student's grade level and school.

The Prentice School 

Grades 1 - 6: $35,250

Grades 7 - 8: $36,500

In addition to the tuition fee, an annual $500 non-refundable registration and materials fee is required for enrollment and re-enrollment.

Do you offer Financial Aid or Scholarships to students?

Yes.  The Prentice School offers needs-based tuition assistance to qualified families.

Approximately 25% of our families receive tuition assistance.  Students must complete the admissions process and be offered enrollment before they can submit an application (including current tax returns, W-2s and income supporting documents) through FACTS Grant & Aid.

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Academics & Program

What is a language-based learning disability?

Language-based learning disability refers to difficulties related to the understanding and use of spoken and written language.  Individuals with these disabilities require instruction that is explicit, structured and multi-sensory. 

What types of learning disorders does a typical Prentice student have?

While there are many types of learning disorders, The Prentice School typically enrolls students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder and visual processing disorder.  Our students have deficits in working memory, processing speed and executive function.  Many have attention processing disorders.

Does Prentice teach Common Core?

Prentice’s innovative multi-sensory program is common core aligned.  Students learn the same topics and concepts as peers in traditional educational environments.

Do Prentice students switch classes?

Yes.  Students frequently break into leveled small groups of 4-8  peers.  To assist with focused learning, small groups may be in alternate rooms or locations.  All students go to science in our enrichment center, as well as PE.

What is the maximum number of students in each class?

In all grade levels 12 is the maximum number of students allowed in each class.  In our elementary program, many of our subjects including Orton-Gillingham Structured Literacy, Math and Writing are small group structured.

How is your junior high structured?

Our junior high is structured in leveled groups of 12 students that attend their classes together throughout the day. 

Does Prentice have a uniform?

Yes.  All students must wear the approved uniform and logo-wear.  Students may wear Prentice spirit shirts on Fridays and on their PE days.

How long is a school day?

All students attend Prentice from 8:10am - 3:00pm (M, T, W, F) and 8:10am - 2:00pm (Th).

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Prentice Services

Do you have Speech Language services at Prentice?

Yes!  The Prentice School has a separate Speech Language department.  Currently we have (2) Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) and (1) Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) on staff.  SLP’s conduct weekly push-in Social Communication classes for certain grade levels.  They also offer fee-based individual or group Speech services for students.  Our Speech Language team works hand-in-hand with our teachers and faculty.

Do you have a Therapist?

Yes!  The Prentice School has a full-time, on-site licensed Marriage Family therapist (MFT).  Our MFT conducts weekly Social Emotional Learning classes with students.  She also sees students individually based on educational stressors and need.

Do you offer After School Care?

Yes! The Prentice School offers fee-based after school care until 5:30 pm (M-Th) and 4:30pm (F). 

Do you offer After School Activities/Sports?

Each semester we offer a variety of after school clubs.  Because we are a commuter school with students attending from four different counties, we cannot offer competitive after school sports.

Do you offer transportation services?

We do not offer transportation services, however, many of our families carpool. .

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