The Science of Reading (SOR) is a well established science-based model used to illustrate the relationship and order of learned skills necessary in the development of language comprehension. 

Prentice School students receive comprehensive language instruction supported by Amplify, a Language Arts curriculum guided by the Science of Reading and designed to provide explicit, multimodal, systematic language instruction. Amplify lessons provide numerous engaging opportunities for students to interact with concepts using various modalities. To complement and support our comprehensive language arts curriculum, our students continue to benefit from professionally administered programs such as Lindamood-Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing and multisensory instruction utilizing the Orton-Gillingham approach.

Mrs Bernstein and student
The Simple View of Reading

D x LC = RC

The formula above reads:

Decoding times Language Comprehension equals Reading Comprehension.

If either of the first two variables are 0, then the answer is 0.

The goal of reading is comprehension and reading comprehension requires appropriate decoding skills and accurate comprehension of vocabulary and syntax. English is a morphophonemic language, meaning English Orthography, or the spelling of words, represents both meaning and sound.

Simply put, we know that students must be able to decode words AND understand their meaning to be able to fully comprehend what they are reading.  Our students receive up to 100 minutes per day of ELA / SoR instruction.

During the year...

Grade level specific events and projects in English Language Arts (ELA) throughout the year

Scholastic Book Fair

Held in Fall and Spring each year in the Keck Auditorium