Our math program is a combination of Common Core aligned curriculum and multisensory strategies.  It includes small, leveled instructional groups with a focus on real world connections and the use of manipulatives.  We build conceptual understanding with manipulatives and then transition to abstract application and problem solving.

Our adopted math curriculum is Go Math! by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Our instructional model is to engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate in order to develop mathematical understanding.

Along with our Common Core curriculum, our teachers also utilize On Cloud Nine® strategies from Lindamood Bell. The On Cloud Nine® Visualizing and Verbalizing strategy for math supports students in imagining and verbalizing the concepts of math. This improves our students’ ability to have concept imagery in order to understand and apply math computation, problem solving and math reasoning.

Our students are challenged to show their understanding of math concepts through project based assessments.  When used in conjunction with our multisensory teaching strategies, project based learning gives our students the opportunity to use their talents, interests, and technology to demonstrate understanding by combining 21st century learning skills with real world application.

There is also an emphasis on making our students aware of the accommodations that are appropriate for them to have access to during math instruction.  This increases their ability to progress in math and access the math curriculum at a more independent level.

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Peek in on one of our Junior High math classes to learn how Prentice leverages real world connections in it's curriculum.

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