• A teacher told my parents “I’ve taught him the same thing three times, and he still doesn’t understand.” My mother asked, “Did you teach the same way each time?” When the teacher answered “Of course!” my parents found Prentice, and changed my life.

    Patrick, who once struggled to write anything, is now a journalist. He graduated in 1999.
  • Prentice gave us our daughter back, helped her find the confidence and self-esteem that she had lost, and was simply the best decision we have ever made. She has been there now for 2 ½ years and she is thriving in the environment. She is comfortable, confident, accomplishing her goals, capable of doing her homework on her own, and best of all, she is happy.”

    Liz, mother of 4th grader and 1st grader
  • Tera was apprehensive about going to a new school and we were worried about how she would fit in. Those questions were answered after the first day when she proudly told us “I love my new school, everyone is just like me” and she never wanted to go back to her old school.

    Sharon & Mark, Proud parents of a Prentice Graduate, Class of 2011
  • It is because of his Prentice education that Blair has grown from a timid young child, who felt he couldn’t do anything right, into a confident young man who now embraces and knows he has the abilities to conquer many of life’s challenges

    Corinne, mother of a Prentice graduate and now a U.C. Berkeley student
  • Prentice is a magical place that transforms kids with the desire to aspire into successful adults

    John, who left Prentice in '93 a confident and happy young man. He is a currently earning his Executive MBA from UC Irvine