Elementary Art introduces and explores simple art concepts, tools, and methods. Students learn how to handle art tools and practice fundamental art making skills. In class, students create art both independently and collaboratively using various materials. Students are encouraged to be creative and explorative in an environment that facilitates both.

World of Art is an elective offered to the Junior High (6th-8th) students at Prentice. In this course, students dive into the art world and also explore art from different cultures and regions. Our junior artists discuss, explore, and recreate different crafts using various materials to build a personal portfolio of artwork. Students practice multiple artistic processes and learn through experimentation and creation.


Music is a “whole-brain” activity where creativity and analytical processes happen simultaneously – and it is fun! Students learn rhythm with clapping exercises and drum pads, melody through singing and playing recorders and glockenspiels, and chords by playing keyboard and guitar. Students will also utilize creative thinking skills by moving, improvising, and composing. Our students enjoy listening to and moving to a variety of musical genres such as Art Music (Classical), Jazz, Broadway/Musicals, Folk, Rock, Pop, Patriotic and more. Students learn about music history and the composers within each musical era.

Elementary students take music room two to three times a week while Junior High students can take it as an elective. Students participate in two major concerts and several school performances which build teamwork, confidence, poise and musicianship within each music student.

Technology & Media

Technology is an essential part of daily classroom learning where teacher-student interactions are facilitated by the use of interactive whiteboards, document cameras, LCD projectors, and laptop carts.

Led by technology specialists, innovative technology courses take place in our state-of-the-art student-friendly computer lab and Educational Assistive Technology (EdAT) lab. Through active participation, direct instruction, and teacher collaboration, students learn a variety of technical skills such as keyboarding, word processing, internet safety, Google applications, publishing, graphics, presentations and more. The educational technology curriculum exposes students to a broad range of appropriately leveled concepts and skills. Students in grades 1-8 are provided direct instruction and the opportunity for independent and collaborative hands-on practice.